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CBN, also known as cannabinol, is a chemical found in the marijuana plant. It is mildly psychoactive, mainly used to treat people who have sleep disorders. As far as the presence of CBN in hemp plants go, it contains a relatively lower quantity of around 1 percent of the whole plant. CBN occurs overtime when the little amount of THC present in the hemp plant oxidizes and turns into CBN. CBN usually dissolves in fat. However, it is not easily dissolvable in water. CBN has a lot of benefits, but its primary use is as a sedative. It is the most sedation-inducing type of cannabinoid that exists.

People mostly confuse CBN with CBD. However, they are two completely different chemicals. Both these chemicals exist in the hemp plant. However, CBD occurs in abundance and does not have to go through the process of oxidation to form. CBN, on the other hand, forms over time, due to the oxidation of THC. CBD is used as an anti-anxiety drug, whereas CBN is used to help people with sleeping disorders. Water-soluble CBN does not exist naturally. It is formed by processing CBN isolate powder and converting it into a water-soluble form.




We at Delta 8 THC offer water-soluble CBN in the form of our product known as CBN. It consists of a blend of cannabinoids which focus on inducing sleep. Sleeping pills usually cause dizziness and grogginess. We at Delta 8 THC know of this problem, that is why buying and using our water-soluble CBN oil is the perfect substitute as it does not have any side effects that people experience when using sleeping pills 

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